Jan 1, 2014

Our Green Favorites of 2013 and Looking Forward to Green Impacts in 2014

If you have a written post such as a blog we guess you are obligated to have a Best of the Year edition with a nod to the expectations of the New Year. So here you go.


The following were YOUR favorite blogs for 2013 or the most visited to our Greentopics blogpost:

Earth Day poetry
Par vs Br Light Bulbs
Top 10 ways to save oil and gas
Best cities for biking

Our guesses for 2014 include the following:

There will finally be some resolution to the Keystone pipeline issue-we of course picture a world where oil and gas is less important than for the past 100 years.

Alternative energy will continue to come down in  price per watt and will grow accordingly vs traditional power as it has the past few years. We picture a world where alternative energy is mainstream energy.

New York state will decide whether or not to allow fracking. There are a lot of jobs and money to be had but there is an extreme environmental risk.

There will be continued recognition of a possible Carbon tax by Fortune 50's - This is VERY BIG - if a price can be put on pollution by manufacturers, the US folks will be benefited greatly vs the developing economies. It will bring a lot of manufacturing back to the US since we generally are ahead on lower pollution manufacturing standards.


Our hopes and prayers for 2014:

We never hear any leader from Mr Obama on down mention Conservation-they are all scared of losing votes and financial support from the traditional make more sell more economy we have(and feel that Jimmy Carter's emphasis on Conserving hurt him). If total recycling of all manufactured product is rewarded then Conservation would be pushed by everyone. We'd like to hear Conservation mentioned often by political leaders and either flow down to the populace or perhaps flow up from the populace to the politicial leaders.

Water needs to be  priced more to market-water woes are almost everywhere and the utilities still subsidize the cost. Water is a very precious resource and needs to be priced as such.

We feel over population is still a gigantic threat to the world economies. Once again a focus more on a business model of Resilience in lieu of shareholder return will steer the world economies in a more sustainable direction since production will not be rewarded as much as a holistic use of resources.  It probably will not happen in 2014 but we can hope it begins to change.

We wish you all a Great 2014 and thanks for your support of Conservastore.com!

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