May 29, 2014

Make a Plan to End the Affects of Drought!

Nearly 1/3 of the USA is currently experiencing drought conditions, so we at Conservastore want to help you do an inventory of your practices at home and business to see how you might cut your water use without sacrificing comfort.

Here's our Water Saving How To:
1. Get informed! - Here is a collection of links that have plenty of suggestions on how to save on your water use.


2. Take a water usage inventory! -This is best done by studying your water bill. Many utilities collect data digitally, and can provide you a water consumption chart by the day. Reach out and ask them. If you only get one bill a month study the total and break it down into a gallons per day usage figure.

3. Set your goal! - After studying your bill, make a reasonable commitment, such as 10% reduction in water usage per month, then buy the products that will best help you reach your goal. Aerators and shower heads are the easiest items to change for maximum initial impact.

With a solid plan and the products to back it up, you'll see a decrease of usage on your first bill. Reducing your usage is the first step to climbing out of a drought environment.

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