Jun 24, 2014

Save the Bees, save our crops!

  •    Apples
  •   Citrus Fruits
  •    Berries
  •    Carrots
  •    Onions
  •    Avocados
  •    Almonds

What do all of these foods
have in common with each other?

Bees of course!

Bees are not just common pests, they contribute greatly to the pollination of various plants around the world, and without them, and other pollinators, many of these plants would die.

Situations such as climate change, pesticide use, and habitat loss are major
       contributors to the population decline of bees in the past few years, and they need
       YOUR  help to thrive and continue to bring prosperity to the plants the help pollinate
       every day.

Some great tips on how to help out:
       1.   Plant your own garden with flowers that are good for bees and use  natural and organic fertilizers if needed, instead of harmful pesticides.
       2.   Buy raw honey from your local farmer at a farmer's market, or simply down the road  if you happen to live near a bee-keeper.
       3.   Start up bee-keeping yourself! It's not as hard as you may think, and you might really enjoy it. Here is a link with a ton of useful information on bee bee-keeping to help you get started.

You can contribute to bettering our environment AND economy with just a few simple guidelines. Remember, every bit helps our little bee friends!

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