May 30, 2015

How Do Women Lead a Green Life - A Sustain U by Conserv-A-Store series to Help Women be All they Want to Be

We are happy to offer you a unique Sustain U by Conserv-A-Store Blog series entitled,

              "How Do Women Lead a Green Life"

Women experience many different things in their lives that men can never imagine. Being a mother is perhaps one particular gift of life that men have trouble understanding. The absolute love of the Mother for her child brings a level of care that makes the Woman demand the very best for her offspring. The Woman wants her children to grow up in an environment that is safe with good clean water and air so her kids will enjoy a long fun life

But many Women often are not well schooled in how to Live a Green Life or what is required to Live a Green Life or "How to Go Green"

This Sustain U series is offered to help Women know how to purchase the correct Green items and practice certain life lessons to lead a Green Life and give their kids an exceptional Green Life as well

What exactly does living a Green Life or going Green mean. We here at Conserv-A-Store feel it revolves around two tenets that we try to practice every day(and yes it can be hard to do)

A. Lead a life based on Sustainability
Guess a person needs to ask themselves at the end of each day did I live my 16 hours today using more of the Earth's resources than I really needed or did I use a moderate amount of resources for my existence?

B. A Recognition that Homo Sapiens is not at the top of the pyramid on the Earth
There are estimated to be over 8 Million species on the Earth. A truly Green life recognizes that Human Man and Woman are just one of the 8 million. If you lead your life valuing this recognition then you will truly be a Green person

Some of the upcoming topics of this series will include:

1. A Green Lifestyle for a Woman

2. Green Cosmetics

3. How do Women Save Water
Part 1: Introduction and Aerators, Shower heads, and Toilet Parts

4. How to be a Green Mom

5. How do Women save Electricity

6. How do Women dress with Green Clothing

7. How to go Green in the Yard

8. How to educate your Children about Going Green

9. How to pick a school that teaches a Green Life

10. Should a Woman not have kids in order to lead a Green Life?

11. Being a Green Wife or Making your Relationship Green

12. How to pick a Green auto or should you go without a car?

13. Testimonials by Women on their experiences of "Going Green" in their lives

14, Is it different for a Asian, African American, Hispanic, or Caucasian Woman to Go Green

15. Being a Green Grand Mom

16. Green Investing for Women

17. Solar for Women

18. Wind Power for Women

19. Green Housecleaning for Women

20. Green Politics for Women

As always we are only the writers and presenters and not necessarily the experts. The series will be written by women and men on our staff. So if you feel there are glaring errors please let us know. Likewise if there is a specific topic you'd like us to investigate or you have special testimonials please reach out

See you on the next post

SustainU is the Conserv-A-Store Knowledge Basis initiative that allows folks to teach themselves how to improve their lives in a Green Manner

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