Jun 30, 2015

Have a Red, White, Blue and GREEN 4th of July!

It is that time of  the year again, July the 4th when families and friends get together to celebrate the greatness of our Nation! In order to honor our nation while also taking care of the environment I have two suggestions:

1. Buy products Made in the USA 


By buying products made in the USA, you are helping the local economy and keeping jobs in American soil. How this benefits the environment? One, the products don't have to travel  great distances from another country and spend huge amounts of fuel. Two, Some countries don't comply with environmental regulations that the USA  has, and therefore pollute without any or little control from authorities. 
I know it can be difficult to find products made in the USA, after all your all-American iPhone is made in China, And not every product is required to say where it is originally from. Few products are required by law such as cars, textiles, furs and woolen to reveal they are made in the USA. You can recognize them by the "Made in the USA" label. My final thought is when possible Buy American! For a list of products visit this site www.madeinusaforever.com, I also found more  information in the Consumer Reports Magazine (consumerreports.org)

2. Get your fruits and vegetables from your local farmers Market 

The food from your farmers market comes from your local area,  it did not have to travel large distances which means spending less fuel and causing less pollution. Besides, they are yummy seasonal fruits and vegetables.

From all of us at Conservastore hope you have a safe and fun 4th of July!!!

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