Jun 5, 2015

How Do Women Go Green - A Green Way of Life

We are happy to offer you a unique Sustain U by Conserv-A-Store Blog series entitled,

                       "How Do Women Lead a Green Life"

      Our first Blog edition in this series is Entitled "A Green Way of Life"

For me being “Green” means to be aware of the environment and it's issues, it’s taking action to preserve and protect our planet. Some consider it a philosophy, I believe being Green is a Way of Life.

I have been working for Conservastore for about a year now, and as part of my job I have researched many ways about green products and solutions. Sometimes other women ask me what they can do to go green. I think it should start from inside out.

Most women take the role of caretakers. We take care not only of us but also of our significant others, children, sibling, older relatives, and our communities. We can learn to be green and foster those habits in the people around us.

Here are some habits and actions you might consider in your attempt to practice a Green Way of Life:

  • Start from personal care, food and diet, taking in more natural and less chemicals ingredients to our bodies.
  • Visit local farmers market, Plant a tree or why not an organic garden if you can.
  • Save water and Energy, small actions like taking shorter showers, Turn the lights switch offs when you leave
  • Encourage family trips outdoors and enjoy nature. 
    •  Carpool when possible.
    • Bike and walk more, drive less.
    • Recycle plastic bottles, cans, cardboard, paper. Put in good use the blue recycle bin. 
    • Don’t print that email unless you really need to print it.

    These are only few of many ways you can start going green. We invite you to read our blog series posts about how  women can practice a green way of life. 


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    1. This is an list on how to green . We from the team of "Go Green Bioleagues" really appreciate blogs like this.