Jul 4, 2015

How Do Women Go Green - How Do Women Save Water? - Part 1

How Do Women Lead a Green Life

How Do Women Save Water

This Conserv-A-Store Sustain U series is offered to help Women know how to purchase the correct Green items and practice certain life lessons to lead a Green Life and give their kids an exceptional Green Life as well

Water Saving is easy!!!

If you are a woman who does not know one end of a wrench from another do not be put off by the installation of these products. There are ample Youtube videos that give you the steps required to install some of these water saving solutions. If the water is turned off at the faucet handle then many of these installs can be done without any worry of getting a leaker. If you know where the plumbing stop local to the given fixture is then it would be good to turn it off as well. Remember "Lefty Loosey and Righty Tighty"
Don't be scared!!

If it's something you do not want to tackle on your own but realize the importance of water saving then reach out to your favorite friend whether male or female who enjoys installing products. Say "Hey I'll buy you a beverage or lunch if you come over and install these devices"

Also there are handy men available that can be suggested at your local hardware store and of course a licensed plumber if you absolutely want it done correctly. In fact there are Green Plumbers-just click here 

The easiest Water Saving Install is with one of the following 3 products:

1.Faucet Aerators:
 The Faucet Aerator is the part at the end of the faucet spout. It is mainly a filter but it can be used for water saving if you purchase the correct unit. You'll want to get a .5 gallon per minute or gpm model or a 1.0 gpm or a 1.5 gpm model . The smaller the amount of the aerator the more money and water you are saving.

Below is a Conserv-A-Store video from the Conserv-A-Store Youtube channel on how to install a water saving aerator

2.Shower heads:
Shower heads are another very easy install. Water saving shower heads come in either 1.25 or 1.50 gallons per minute (or gpm). There are personal showers in a 1.5 gpm configuration. There are pause style heads where you push a button to pause the water flow. Today the water saving shower head can be very decorative(ie not ugly) as well.

Install Tips:
 If your shower head has been on the shower arm for a long time albeit years then it can be hard to unscrew it. Simply take a small pair of pliers and turn the top of the head while holding on to the arm lightly. Please be safe if you are standing on a chair to make the change. A small ladder is preferred
If the old shower head JUST WILL NOT COME OFF try the suggestions at this link
Click here

Below is a Conserv-A-Store video from the Conserv-A-Store Youtube channel on how to install a lowest flow shower head

Here's another video to give you more confidence in the very easy process of changing out an old Water wasting shower head and adding a newer Lowest Flow water saving shower head

3.Toilet accessories:

Playing with Toilet guts may not seem like the most exciting thing to do on your time off from work but if it saves you a lot of water and oh yes money it all of a sudden sounds more exciting.

The easiest guts to switch are on older 3.5 gallon per flush(gpf) toilets. You may be able to get them below 2 gpf with the correct additions

A Toilet Tank Bank is an unbelievably easy addition to cut your water down

Here's a video on how to install this device

For some of these additions you will need to turn off the water at the stop which is between the wall and the toilet-they usually are chrome color and have a handle you screw

Changing the Toilet Flapper is a good way to affect water usage

Here's a good video on how to install a water saving flapper that gives you a lot of options for water savings

Below is a chart showing the water requirements for many of a woman's daily activities
One way to save water is to change common practices and habits.

1 Liter = about a qtr gallon or 1 gallon =  about 3.78 liters

Our series will continue soon
In the Part 2 of this topic of How Women Can Go Green - How to Save Water we will look at the following methods to continue your water saving efforts

The following items do require some install know how so you may need to hire a handyman or a friend who has tools and enjoys putting things together

4.Hot Water recirculation:

5.Hot Water Heating Choices-Tank style or Tankless


In our final  Part 3 Green Topics blog report How Women Can Go Green - How to Save Water we will discuss water saving devices that show a total commitment to Water Saving since those women that choose these devices shows a lifestyle that cherishes the many over the one ie a realization that there is limited amounts of water and many people needing to use water.

7. Grey Water irrigation

8.Rain Barrels

Below are some blogs and articles that might help your attempts to save water in your life by changing habits:

-Take a shower the Navy Way

Of course Conserv-A-Store personnel are here to help you with any Water Saving effort
We prefer you purchase your water saving supplies from us but if you choose not to we will gladly answer any question you may have on water saving products. We have been selling these products for years and have some ideas which items are best to accomplish your goals. Just reach out by phone or email

Thanks so much


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