Nov 30, 2015

Quick Green Update:COP21 Paris Log

We are keeping a log of the events at COP21 in Paris

An agreement was ratified by the 195 countries participating. We are completing a blog currently about our feelings on what and was not accomplished-We'll have it for you soon
Here's the agreement if you have some time to study it

Frankly it's not easy to get a good read on what happens everyday despite reading all over the web on it. Here's an article by BBC saying the French attempted to place their mark on the draft agreement. Perhaps the host country has more weight than others in the final draft. Makes sense because the Japanese certainly had their hands in the "Kyoto Protocol"
Here's a live blog you can follow for COP21 events but it does editorialize a bit

The process of hammering out a Climate Change agreement continues
If you really like the minutiae of negotiation you'll enjoy this article by Carbon Brief

Seems like things might slow down a bit today and the fury will resume on Monday the 7th

A draft agreement is agreed to by the delegates. This must now be refined and amended to include as much of what every constituent wants as possible. The press makes it seem like things are behind schedule but it seems to us they are way ahead of the scatterbrained approach in Copenhagen
Here's a recap from BBC

Sorry folks, traveling a bit the last few days and unable to post but we're back at it til the end of the meetings
• Mike Bloomberg of Bloomberg LP is named a Climate Change Taskforce Head by the Bank of England's Carney-We're not totally sure what he is going to do but here's an article on it
• The hard work of hammering out a text of an agreement continues-the current draft text is 38 pages long. The main rub is the squabble between rich and poorer countries. This must be resolved some way

• Opening of a low carbon solutions gallery-Please click here

• President Obama had his last day today in Paris. He left by offering a great answer to questions about carbon costing. He spoke of carbon being a negative externality and thereby an uncharged residual to human life. But carbon has no true market to cost this important residual-please click here 

• World leaders arrive and are greated by President Hollande and have a group picture
• Pres Obama, Mr Modi and the US Tech giants led by Bill Gates design a public/private partnership to boost the rate of Clean Tech Energy development
• A great blog post by Carbon Brief on todays events-please click here

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