Mar 17, 2016

More Mulch Please

At Conserv-A-Store, we believe we have many solutions to everyday “green living” issues. This month we are featuring a product review on our mulch products. We just can't get enough of mulch mats, right?

So the scenario of interest is this: “I want to landscape my home, but I want to be environmentally friendly with my choice. I have a few trees in my yard that would do well with mulch or something like that. I want something a great price.  What should I buy?”

Answer: 48" Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring 

What is it?

Our 48" Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat is a circle of trusted eco-friendly material. This product forms a weed barrier around trees and helps hold in moisture. It is made from long- lasting, 100% recycled rubber; the base products are largely used tires and tire treads. This mat can used in all lawns of recreational and theme parks, homes, and businesses.

Advantages of this product:

·      This product is child friendly. Unlike cement or harsher ground material, this recycled ring mat will support a child’s fall.
·      This product saves money in your pocket with its one-time install; the rubber material allows the product to last for years without re-application.
·      Even though this product is very light, it will not blow away. Once it’s down, it’s stuck to the ground!
·      Its 100% recycled rubber material promotes environmental awareness and care. #GoGreen
·      It’s Non-toxic and chemically safe for children, pets, flowers and plants.
·      The rubber material will assist the product with being mildew and mold resistant.
·      Rubber material doesn’t nurture weed growth.
·      It doesn’t attract pests.

This ring is 5/8 inch thick and is 48" in diameter. It weighs 28 lbs.
Inside diameter for 48" Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring is 2 inches.
Material can be cut and shaped a bit with a utility knife.
Material should last 5 years with good care.
Conserv-A-Store will ship RTP or IM (depending on stock).


This product is easily installed. After our speedy delivery of the 48" Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat, follow these steps to have your landscape project done fairly quickly.

1.     Prepare mulch mat in the size you desire.

2.     Measure area of installation to make sure that the product is at a safe distance from the business/ playground/home. Not leaving enough space may cause a blockage between the ground and building, resulting in the growth of fungus.

3.     Mark the areas of where the edge (or curve) of the rubber mat borders will be

4.     Lay out rubber mat and measure make sure the mat is the size you require/covers desired area of ground
a.     *If you are placing the mat on a playground, be sure the mat is under every piece of structure (swings, merry-go round, slides etc.)

5.     Once the area is measured, graze the dirt from area measured with mat. There should be no soil/sod where the mat will lay. This should leave a grass-less area in the size of the mulch mat. It should be leveled.

6.     Lay the mat and enjoy!

Check out this video to see how quickly the job can be done.

We are sure this product can help you in your landscaping adventure. 


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