Jul 19, 2016

Think Green. Be Green. Save Green: Adventure Traveling (Part 1)

While it is getting extremely hot, it has hit the time to start traveling. Most people have already budgeted for their travel plans, which would include spotlight destinations, affordable housing, appropriate travel clothes and so on.

But for everyone else who hasn't started, help is on the way. We compiled top questions a person with wanderlust needs to address and a few solutions too. Keep in mind, we want you to travel with little to no carbon feet visible. Green Travel (aka Responsible Travel) is the wave of the future. Didn't you know?

Think Green:

People on the earth emit toxins into the atmosphere every second of the day. Car rides to work, bottles with low biodegradability, cleaning products developed from non-natural sources...The list goes on and on but it doesn't have to. We can do more in keeping our emissions low. How far do you want to travel? Rethink what cars you want to drive during your trip. Which flights have the least amount of stops?  What is most important to you when traveling? And how could your travel wants affect the Earth's needs?

Didn't we tell you we were getting you to travel greener?

Now Let' Start Planning.

I. Where do you want to go?

Can you believe that more trips are planned and successfully executed with a destination in mind than without one? You already know you want to go somewhere, anywhere for those with expendable funds, so just choose a location. Once a destination is selected, planning lodging, travel vehicles, and packing becomes much easier. When thinking of where you want to go, also consider the time and season.

There are two types of travel experiences that cause a traveler to start their interest.

1. Alternate Reality

You want to escape where you are now. This could be work or a lifestyle. This is the vacation you couldn't experience in your current location for whatever reason.

2. Experiences

Do you wish it would snow in your city? Can you catch a wave on the shores of the beaches in your state? Is there a type of destination you wish to see in your current town? If your answer to these questions and others alike are no, then it is time for you to explore other cities that offer you what you want.

II. Where to Stay?

Great! You chose a location that serves your wondering heart and now you need a place to rest your exhausted mind. Choosing a location to stay is very important because it affects your trip majorly. For example, if the location is too far from you cites, it cuts into travel time and takes away from you enjoying the attraction.

There are two popular options to consider when traveling.

1. Rentals

There has been a surge in rented homes and apartments using companies like Airbnb, Tripping, Homestay and many more. These sites allow users to roam through postings of homes and apartments being rented out by their owners for a fee. Travelers would have the opportunity to choose their home size, range of stay, and amenities. This option suits small and large groups traveling together.

This is an awesome option for choosing a host cite that can cater to your environmental interests as well. Renting a home allows you a variety of options to consider when being eco-friendly (shower use, faucet use, recycling etc.)
2. Hotels

While we have been using hotels for centuries, just recently have some hotels been making a stance to being more environmentally aware of their actions. Major names are taking note of their buildings power and energy usage and making changes towards a brighter, greener future.

Here a few terms to consider when looking up hotels.
  • Biodegradable Washing and Laundry Detergent
  • Composting 
  • Efforts to Decrease Energy and Water
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Eco-friendly Bath Amenities

And just like that, you are half way done with planning your trip.

Look out for our next blog to finish your trip planning to get you to where you need to go.
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