Sep 16, 2016

Quick Green Update: 21st Annual National Solar Tour

 Solar Powered Conference:
 The Showcase of the Best Solar Energy Homes and Practices

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  The 21st annual National Solar Tour is in  October of 2016. This solar powered focused event will showcase the best homes and green houses utilizing solar power. The event will also offer new and innovative technologies that are made to better local and national environments and communities. With a total population of attendees at around 150,000, this eco-friendly tour is the place to be if you are interested in making a life change, for the betterment of the Earth, in your home and wallet.

The 21st annual National Solar Tour is being organized by the American Solar Energy Society and sponsored by their platinum member, Enphase. This society brings together homeowners and businesses all across the nation in over 5000 different communities to reflect on their carbon footprints. This solar tour is every year in October in reverence to the National Energy Awareness Month.

The purpose of this event is to:
·      Inspire people to make sustainable choices
·      Support energy efficiency
·      Educate participants on power outages and easy prevention skills
·      Provide simple steps to reduce carbon emissions

As an online store focused on “green living”, Conserv-A-Store supports companies and organizations that promote environmental sustainability, the demolition of carbon emissions, biodegradability, energy efficiently and other fundamentals like.

We took the tour in Orlando a few years ago and really enjoyed. The homeowners are proud of their systems and willing to let you into their home and show you how it works. With the price of rooftop solar continuing to fall(even as Electric Utilities try to fight the growth of solar) solar could be for you and this is a good time to "Kick the tires" as is said

If you are interested in sponsoring the 2017 National Solar tour, finding the closest tour stop for the 2016 National Solar Tour, or just learning about solar energy, please visit the American Solar Energy Society at

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