Sep 23, 2016

Quick Green Update: National Drive Electric(autos) Week 2016

National Drive Electric Week: September 10-18 2016

National Drive Electric Week is a nationwide celebration to raise awareness about the availability and variations in plug-in and hybrids vehicles. Electric vehicle options have been on the rise over the last ten years but many have not made the change due to personal reasons or the education about driving such vehicles not being readily available. National Drive Electric Week gears to educate and provide first hand experience for those who are on the edge of commitment. 

NDE week has been held for the past five years, giving event goers a chance to drive electric and even purchase electric vehicles in some cases. The event has been returning by popular demand and such large turn outs of supporters of the movement. The movement is aiming to provide more drivers with the advantages of driving a plug-in or electric vehicle versus non-electric vehicles. Most local electric dealers and advocates host, set up informational booths, press conference events, giveaways, and even offer test drive sessions during the week long event. 

During the event here in Satellite, Florida, we had the chance to meet one of the local Tesla Automotive Dealer owners who advocates for the change over to all electric vehicles. Though many new variations have not came out this year, we can be on the look out for 2018 when most dealers plan to reveal these new vehicles to the public. Tesla; one the all electric vehicles on the rise; came to show off at the event. Many on lookers were impressed by the sleek design and simplistic ease of access to the charger the Tesla provides. Of course there were other competitors who came to shake a tail feather but these are the top 5 to keep an eye out for:

5. Hyundai Electric SUV 
                  If SUVs and crossovers remain as dominant as they have in the last 10-15 years, the next step is to make electric options in the future. Hyundai, on the other hand, is reportedly planning to make an all electric SUV, premiering itself as the first of the company's. Company officals have confirmed of the SUVs arrival by last 2018.

4. Volkswagen e-Golf
                  While Volkswagen does not have a volume selling electric vehicle, this will change pretty soon with the arrival of the e-Golf in the US. This model will be a crucial part of the the manufacturers rebound into the electric vehicle industry. The highlight that makes this vehicle a great competitor: 186 miles in driving range! 2018 will be the year of electric vehicles.

3. Tesla Model 3
                  The Model 3 Tesla, already a game changer for the industry, began their 200 mile concept years ago. The Model 3 has captured the eyes of consumers around the world since. The rear-wheeled drive sedan is already at an 215-mile range and pre-orders are making the vehicle even harder to get your hands on.

2. Nissan Leaf 2.0
                  No specifics have been given by Nissan producers but the prototype of the Leaf 2.0 was presented at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. There is a model in production that is said to do a 200 mile range. The automaker did say that a 60 kWh car in coming years with an Intelligent Driving System. Again look out for 2018, this is when the date has been set for.

2016 Chevy Bolt EV
1. Chevy Bolt EV
                  Though some speak of the issues with the Bolt's styling, whats under the hood is the most impressive. A 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque to grab a drivers' attention, I think the style can be overlooked. Not only whats under the hood, but also the impressive spacious interior has many EV drivers content. Fast, spacious, and a 60 mph stop in 60 seconds is giving these EV cars on the market a run for its' money.

Becoming an Electric Vehicle owner is an important part of being green and saving our Mother Earth. If you have never considered driving an electric vehicle we strongly encourage you to take the time to educate yourself on the benefits of driving an EV versus an non-EV. You will truly be surprised and impressed by the changes and improvements made in the options for EVs. With the highs and lows of gas prices, the future wave is in owning an electric car; safe for the environment and cost effective on the consumer's pocket.

Are you ready to become a green driver?

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