Sep 27, 2016

Range Anxiety in Electric Vehicles

Range Anxiety is a Real Thing! Electric Vehicles are the Cause...

We all are aware of the new boom in electric vehicles, but how much do we really know? Of course with brands sticking their neck out for the crown such as Tesla, we have to know that electric vehicles are on a rise for consumers money to buy a vehicle. Granted, we can't all order and buy a Tesla now with their overly priced points, (one thing which Tesla is working on as we speak) but we can get a Prius that fits to the idea of owning an EV. 

After attending the National Electric Week and being mildly disappointed in the new cars that we were expecting, we did get a chance to hear what's in store for 2018.Tesla's Local Dealer Owner said that most Tesla's are very hard to run out of power. They offer a 600 volt charging station. For those of you who don't know how that correlates, that amounts to about 8-12 hours of driving time. Put even simpler, imagine a wall plug that provides 100 volts of power. Tesla chargers are offering 6x that power to get your four wheels rolling. 

Our main concern as a consumer we though about was when traveling, how do you get to the specific Tesla charging station considering it has been said that Tesla cars have to be charged by Tesla chargers and the universal Plug-In stations cannot be used. What do you do then?

Tesla SuperCharged Stations in U.S.A.
Well, when you purchase a Tesla, they give you an adapter that you can use at any charge port station you may be closest to. Of course a Tesla SuperCharger charges much faster than the universal ones, but do what you have to do to get back on the road when traveling right?

Also, the dashboard in the vehicle gives you notification to when and how long before you will be out of power. It will give it to you in miles remaining and estimated time remaining before no power. 

Not only will you have an estimate of power when you need to charge again, the Intellectual Driving System will also make sure it thinks for you. The IDS is in the makes to be put in the new 2018 Tesla which will provide drivers will eyes around the car. The IDS, practically driving for you, will tell you to get back in your lane and guide you back in as well, slow you down in the event of an emergency, and will make you aware of other road hazards you cannot see front and back of the vehicle. Sit back and relax while you get driven to your destination; just don't get too comfortable! 

Owning a Tesla compared to the other EVs, seems to decrease the range anxiety and have you make less stops to recharge. Though the big boom of EV has come; and there's more to come in the future; most people still view this movement as not a main industry one. It's a niche category of vehicles and most of the time it is hard to get people to change their ideals, especially when it comes to buying a car. The idea of alternative energy is becoming more widespread but it has not swept the nation just yet. When 2018 comes around, hopefully the new vehicles and the changes will sway more than a handful of people to make the transition.

The resale value of EVs are sadly tanking. Most people do not want to take the hours it take to charge their vehicle. Buying new EVs are around 30-40,000 but the resale of the vehicle about 2-3 years old is only 20% of the original cost. Spending only 6-7000 on a 2-3 year old vehicle sounds great, but it's the unforeseen headache attached with that. Luckily those buyers who are looking to resale their vehicle aren't loosing quite as much considering most EVs offer buyers incentives ranging anywhere to a 5,000 to 8,000 buyers credit aka a Federal Tax Credit for owning an EV. With the good there comes the bad. I guess it small terms its really how much you are willing to put in is what you'll get in return. EV are alternative sources for transportation as well as economically better on the environment if we want to look at the bigger picture here.

All in all it comes down to what makes you happy in the long run. Are you willing to work a little harder to save Mother Earth and your carbon footprint, or is it more important to save your time? We should all make small steps towards saving and reducing our impact on the world. EVs are a step in the right direction; they also have some consumer complaints to tackle. Either way take small steps in your personal life to save energy, water, Earth, etc.... however you choose!

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