Oct 11, 2016

Quick Green Update: Pour-In-Place Rubber Mulch

Quick Green Update 

We stopped by our manufacturing plant of our Pour in Place Mats to see how things were coming along. It was quite a convenient trip considering it is right down the way from us, made at home in Fl, USA. We captured a couple of short videos; see below; to give you a preview of what the finished product will look like.

Advantages of Pour in Place are:
-Convenience-you are not limited to a certain rectangular or square dimension
-Depth-you can go as heavy or as light as you want with the pour
-Longevity-normal bagged mulch needs to be put out at least yearly perhaps twice yearly-it's time consuming and the costs add up
-Different colors are available

Or just visit our store to purchase @ conservastore.com !

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