Dec 19, 2016


Being an Orlando based company, we feel we need and that it is appropriate to reach out and acknowledge the LGBTQ Community. We know of the tragedy that occurred on June 12, 2016; this tragic event should place an important thought in the forefront of our mind as a business, but more so as a human in this place called Earth. We all need to love and appreciate each other. We send our condolences to the families that had to suffer this terrible event and will be sending a prayer for all of you! 

With that said - Who are we? We're Conserv-A-Store; that is if you didn't know. We are an Orlando based company that sells eco-friendly products that encourage living a Eco-Friendly life with simple products. Though it has been months since the tragedy that happened in Orlando, FL; it's important to make our statement. We wanted to make it clear that we love all consumers; small, big, blue, purple, green, gay, or straight - We love all. We do not discriminate, we are all-inclusive!

We came across some interesting facts we'd like to share and furthermore get some real life feedback to see how accurate this info actually depicts our main consumers' ideas. Let's first define what we understand as the LGBTQ Community (if we are wrong, tell us)

LGBTQ: "LGBTQ" is an abbreviation that originated in the 1990s and replaced what was formerly known as "the gay community." The abbreviation was created to be more inclusive of diverse groups. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (and/or questioning) individuals/identities.

I thought this was a pretty basic explanation and easiest way to say it quite frankly. Though we are looking to reach out to this group specifically we would like any feedback. What's more interesting is the quoted buying power in this community.   

"The combined buying power of the U.S. LGBT adult population for 2014 was estimated at $884 billion. The largest recorded disposable income of any niche market. The LGBT community also has a reputation for being fiercely loyal to brands that support their people and causes."

That's amazing and as a seller of goods and products we are peaked with interest to reach out to these demographics. Not only for the buying power but to make sure that we as a business is all inclusive and making our products (which save the world's supply of resources) accessible to all people. We could care less who you love. We are all humans living on earth. Period. 

Being eco-friendly and buying conscious is a niche market and more importantly something that needs to be more widespread among all people. It doesn't even take a lot of money to do it either. Slightly changing the little things you do on a daily basis (i.e showering, flushing the toilet - you can't imagine how much money goes down the drain, and also running water at the sink when brushing your teeth) doesn't take much effort. You can start for less than $20! Need help or have questions? Go to to get help or ideas! 

Further more we've read on different blogs that the LGBTQ Community are more conscious of their buying choices to be eco-friendly than others. Some blogs even said individuals in the community are "cleaner" than straight individuals. Personally, I can agree, I have friends that are in the community and I was pretty impressed at how neat and organized their homes and offices are. Almost made me feel like I've been doing this wrong all along - have I been under a rock? We want all to be eco-friendly but being a niche based company for consumers, sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture for us is being able to be accessible to all and make sure we are on the right track. From Faucet Aerators to Water-Saving Showerheads - we think being green and eco-friendly is a necessity for all. 

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