Dec 11, 2016

Wall St Babies and the Next Great Paradigm

We watch CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg Business a bit each day to see what's going on

Does it not get sickening to hear all the stock and bond folks they parade on endlessly complain about how the low oil, gas, coal, and commodity prices are ruining their returns.

We are middle aged white males so guess we can openly criticize this population of largely middle aged white males that want to maintain and profit off an economic paradigm and structure that was set up in the late 1800's and has(with exception of war time) been taught by the Harvard Business or Wharton Schools of the world where many of these Wall Streeters go year after year after year

Could it be that the neighborhood is changing and these misguided folks either have not or most likely will not catch on and what they are being taught every year in Boston and Philadelphia is WRONG

Could it be it's time to reward the companies that offer their shareholders and customers a total sustainable production flow. What do I mean? Well Ford* instead of being rewarded by "The Street??" for making 1.5 million cars vs 1.3 million cars would be rewarded for making 1 million cars all of which will never be put into a waste stream. Every part for those cars will eventually be reused. And will use less fuel either fossil or electric than their competitor models

What about if Ford is rewarded for having a fleet of  zero emission cars(have you seen the pics of Delhi recently with pollution largely due to a polluting automotive infrastructure)

The interest in the COP21 in Paris shows that most countries favor at least a consideration of reducing pollution be it CO2, particulate, or other gases. These are the customers of the large Fortune 500 companies that make up the S&P, Dow, and other indices that are down because of their over reliance oil, gas, and metals to make money each day.

Let's bring sustainable business into the main stream so that the wild swings in commodities that these Wall Streeters feast on do not have such an affect on the perception of economic success

*We're not picking on Ford since they have embraced Hybrid and EV technology a bit and are trying-although not as quickly as we would like. But most Americans know what a Ford is and can identify this logic we feel hence why we use them as an example

**We write this in Fall '16 with Trump soon to be in the White House and oil and gas legacy folks w/ key positions in the cabinet-do we really want to go back to $4/ gallon as was experienced in the Bush years; the last time oil and gas folks were running things and oil and gas stocks were plumbs do to insane earnings--but oh yeh the economy was in a tank so Wall St Babies were complaining about that.

*** We'll update this blog often we hope to see how the new administration does but this article about Joe Biden's thoughts are promising is a Green Products webstore focusing on water saving and green gardening as well as energy saving. Please check us out here

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