Feb 17, 2017

Are U Contributing to YOUR STATE Using Too Much Water?

Ever thought about If Your State Uses More Water than Other States?

Which state do you think uses the most water? North Carolina? Texas? New York? We here's a good synopsis of which and what states do according to water usage. Water consumption, water quality, (Flint, Michigan water crisis that's been going on since 2014 and they still do not have clean drinking water - simply ridiculous - but that's another blog for a different day) and the supply of water are now going to be hot topics with a new President in office. Is he concerned as previous presidents? With all of these terrible conditions going on that seems to be easily solved or prevented - water availability is important to everyone (now)... as it should always had been. Here is a visual presentation of the information. You can judge for yourself where to go from there if you're in these state(s).  

As you can clearly see, the blue bubbles are the largest in California and Texas. Of course there's other states that have large consumption numbers (Florida, Illinois, and Michigan) but the main ones are for California and Texas which doesn't surprise me much for two reasons- they are highly populated areas and large amounts of area in comparison to other states they are the two larger states. On a side note: California is one of the advancing states that are said to be more "eco-friendly" and or "water conserving" Must be due to the drought and them realizing the VALUE of water. 

What surprised me is the water consumption being large in North Carolina - specifically Mecklengburg county which is Charlotte, NC. Being someone from North Carolina, I am surprised Charlotte
is even using as much water as they stated. Though to be on the opposite side, Charlotte is a growing city and a city that most people travel to that surrounding cities talk about. I think Charlotte being a growing city they are not as "water conscious" as other cities. Though this is an important topic for any city and any state, I think its important for growing cities to introduce and speak about the topic when people are dispersing in the new city. Something like a intro-package when someone moves into a new apartment or home sponsored by the city. But again, some things are hopeful thoughts...

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So are you ready to start thinking about saving water? It seriously takes simple steps, from changing the water faucet or replacing the toilet to use less water - simple changes can be made slowly and surely for the betterment of yourself and the world. We're going to always be here... Conserv-A-Store! 

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