Feb 15, 2017

Clean Energy Investment (Part 2)

Diving right into it....

Let me give you a quick update from part one: 

Thanks to the Bloomberg New Energy Finance website, we came across some interesting news; something we've known about for years but not much has been done to bring it to life in the "mainstream" media. Well they have created a report complied a "...database of more than 100,000 deal and project records collected and maintained by over 100 analysts and researchers based in 15 locations worldwide" The main purpose and goal of this is to be able to track the transactions made by leading industry tycoons and be able to regurgitate that information as a trend once it emerges as such.

Moving forward, as we wish everyone has a forward moving and positive mind set about clean energy......

Whats in store for 2017 you wonder? Well Bloomberg pointed out that with the winning of the tempestuous Trump in the White House, the issue may not get the light or attention it needs since he's been "said" to not believe in global warming and the effects on the environment natural gases and the above. Which I'm quite in agreement with them; Trump doesn't look like one to actually care and tackle the issue head on. Further more, the Brexit the next European elections in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic most people have confidence in their elected choice that's better for the environment but like America the other one will probably win and leave us on the edge of our seat waiting and wandering. What's the best plan of action: Plan for the worst to come.

Globally, the interest rates are looking to jump sky high in 2017. Very low central bank rates are probably more than likely ending soon. Borrowing cost will rise and keep rising jeopardizing the competitiveness of renewable energy not being cost-efficient any longer. Why change and pay more than stay where you are and pay less- irregardless of global warming, we all know its about the green (money that is). 

The ship will still gladly sail. Damaged and with holes all over the ship: she still will sail. 

There's new rules to the game that Bloomberg goes into detail about like base-cost renewable power and leveling the cost out for all but the battle is no where near over. Looking ahead 2017 is predicted to be another record breaking year in the influx of renewable energy but it takes a lot of man power, money, and open-mindedness to pledge to make the change. 

As always we'd love to hear from you. Got an opinion on this topic? Comment below! What do think about all this? We'd hear you out! 

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