Apr 22, 2017

Women and Going Green

You Can Be Green and Be a Woman Too! 
...as if anyone would have doubted that!

Women are becoming more and more successful in Green Jobs as the growth spurt continually rises. Green careers of the 21st century are involving powerful women to get things done, and get them done right. Every day more and more women are choosing to go green in their careers and are finding satisfying jobs that will enable them to provide for themselves and their families. They are making the move for a variety of reasons and taking advantages of green career opportunities in every part of the country. Profiles of diverse women who are working and succeeding in a variety of green careers are more wide spread and we want to celebrate such.

Women go green by grabbing it by the balls!

Women can go green publicly or privately in their home. We'll wrap this up with some personal womanly going green tip.

A recent study from the Federation University of Australia found that participating women had stronger environmental attitudes and commitment to the green entrepreneurship program than males; this suggesting that women entrepreneurs may be more engaged in green issues than male entrepreneurs. Now we aren't saying that men are not involved, we're simply saying there may be a chance that women are (haha) better at it. -kidding- Seriously, the study wasn't done by us so we're implying nothing. But consequently the findings are interesting... Women have high commitment to helping others and helping the world in a sense; because Super Woman is alive and well in all of us!

Though the corporate road is one that some women choose to take, we still have to face the issue of women get paid at lesser hourly amount than men in the corporate world. Not only that, we have to recognize that women and minority women find it harder to get to the top or break into the corporate world. From being blamed for being too emotional; using sexual acts to get some lead way, or simple "not competent; women should have as much as opportunity to effectively lead as men- PERIOD. Reports and opinions have surfaced saying that corporation don't necessarily care to know why women are not successful in their company. So quite frankly women getting to the top is not important to them. Not only that, women are said to leave the position they have after years and years of being the underdog and never getting any recognition. But can you blame them?

The differences between men and women aren't fully understood or valued. Men and women are very
different, down to neuro-biology build. Speculations suggest that women are "emotional" and make "irrational" financial decisions when in positions of power but turn the other cheek when a man is a complete irrational and a rude individual because he's a "man" he get an excuse. Hummm. Realize this is no rant for Feminist it's facts. Can't judge or argue with truth.

Furthermore women give BIRTH. There's no disputing it. Like it or not. Women brought men into the world. No further explanation needed. Why is that considered a weakness? Why do women and men not get time off for pregnancy leave and still be a powerful and consistent working woman? Things I think the answer will never arise to face the occasion in my lifetime.

This is why women going green and being "emotional" for the environment is needed! Somebody needs to care!

Women can go green in many ways. Here are some tips we found helpful:

1. Make your own beauty treatments at home

2. Look at the label when you purchase

3. Look for organic shops/products/manufacturers

4. Use Aluminum FREE deodorant

5. Brush your teeth with natural toothpaste

6.  Tame your mane with healthy hair care - minus the harmful chemicals

7. Choose petroleum-FREE products - this includes cosmetic products

8. Get a healthy, Chemical FREE tan - that means from the sun

9. Avoid animal testing products

10. Stay healthy with Organic Pads/Tampons

Women are the head of the buying curve when it comes to home care and personal care products. When you are the one who influences your family to buy certain products you can make a big impact. Choose safe products for yourself, your children, and your partner. It starts at home before you can go out and start telling others. Practice what you preach! Women make household decisions that can make or break a family. I'm sure its no problem to do the same in her employment...

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As always we're here for all your green news, woman or not. Any and everyone should be green! 
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