Jun 27, 2017

Green Investments - Now and the Future

Are you ready for the next wave of money money money MON-Ney?!

The Green Industry is a multi-trillion dollar global market of the future. Let me repeat that for you, MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR industry. I think that deserves a repeat one more time: MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR. Okay, just wanted to get the point across that its profitable and beneficial for the world and maybe you if you are into investing. 

Some investors are deterred from the green energy investment because they feel tey do not have enough information regarding the ups or downs of the market in this realm. With emerging technologies and new innovations happening more and more often, the changes happen to often to provide certainty. Luckily the Department of Energy is the biggest funder in the emerging energy technologies. To help encourage other investments, the DOE launched the EIC - The Energy Investor Center in 2016 in order to help and support investors by giving an all inclusive way to contact energy experts, acquire the latest research studies, leading reports, identifying promising opportunities, and innovative products all in one place. It was meant to bridge the private sector and the public with more concrete information. With a market that is fast-developing, financing and creating new partnerships is a vital component to welcome interested investors. Read more and see the links to the resources here: https://www.energy.gov/technologytransitions/us-department-energys-energy-investor-center

The Clean Energy Investors Round table welcomes over 40 investors to discuss the possibilities for over 90 minutes; venture capitalist, corporate venture capitalist, and foundations all gathered to discuss the future of clean energy. The 2017 Keynote Speaker, U.S. Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz discussed the challenges presented by climate change and the tremendous opportunities for the future. Attendees agree that the clean energy investments are critical to support a world where billions can gain clean energy and there's always going to be a need for new technologies to inporve the current energy status. There is plenty of potential for international markets and technologies to emerge, it will take time though. Read the article and more info about the event here: https://www.greenchipstocks.com/articles/clean-energy-investment-is-booming/2386

Other sources are stating that the global investment in renewable energy in 2017 fell 23% in comparison to the previous year. However the installations of renewable power capacity hit a all time record worldwide. So the demand for renewable energy remains strong, despite the drop in investments. Global green energy investments slipped, following two years of growth, as overall prices dipped and investments dropped as much as 30%. With investments exploding in the last few years, they do not come freely. Complications and challenges have continually battled investors to dig through the murky waters of regulations and restrictions. Solar energy is probably the most attractive sector of green energy but also comes with decreasing profits.

Goals of these investors include:

  • Source Reduction - this is the goal of reducing pollution and waste by changing production and consumption patterns. 
  • Sustainability - this is an effort to meet societal needs with methods that can continue to be used into the future indefinitely without depleting or damaging natural resources. 
  • Innovation - the focus is on developing alternatives to types of technology that have been shown to be harmful to the environment 
  • Cradle to Cradle Design - this involves the creation of products that can be reused or reclaimed, thus ending the cradle to grave cycle of manufactured products 
  • Viability - the aim is to create an economic activity center that focuses on products and technologies that are beneficial to the environment, thus increasing the speed at which such technology and product concepts can be implemented. 
  • Energy - with energy often considered the most pressing issue in the green technology sector, the energy sector focuses on the development of alternative fuels. 
  • Green Nanotechnology - this includes the manipulation of various materials at the nano meter level, which could transform the way in which products are manufactured. 
  • Green Chemistry - this encompasses the invention development and application of chemical proccesses and products that are designed to eliminate or reduce the generation and use of hazardous substances.  

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