Jun 5, 2017


Poisons Pick People not the Other Way Around

Something we briefly spoke about in another blog that had to do with smoking. We thought the subject was something worth expanding upon. Spraying toxins in the air is the most dangerous thing to do in a community or anywhere in the world but it's done daily, even hourly. This is something we should all pay attention to. This is reasons why we're all for being Eco-friendly. Re-think he way you eat, re-think the way you live, re-think your life. 
Why are healthier foods more expensive? Why when on a budget fresh and organic produce isn't affordable? Why is there food programs that teach and encourage healthy eating at the child level? 
 The big corporations are targeting the less fortunate.... 


CREDIT TO https://thefern.org/2015/04/fields-of-toxic-pesticides-surround-the-schools-of-ventura-county-are-they-poisoning-the-students/ca_poison_v4/

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