Jun 29, 2017

Things You May Have Not Known...

Water Saving Products @ Conserv A Store

From toilets that space you gallons per flush to aerators that change the flow of your water - a bathroom renovation could be in your near future. It can have you saving water and saving you money more importantly. Saving with us comes two-fold. We're giving you 5% off just for coming over to us and purchasing water saving products! We strongly believe in saving water helping the world so we encourage you to take advantage of the while supplies last! 

Water is something we need to save. Thought it may seem like its endless, in all actuality it is scarce. With summer months here for most geographical locations and others who experience summer all year long - water is still a vital source of all life. 
Water saving products range from tiny aerators to huge toilets. We all use water in our everyday life so why not choose to be more conscious about it? Isn't it worth it? Here are some simple and quick ways to invest in your water saving and money saving home or business:

More Information concerning these water saving products 

Water Reducing Aerators 

Are you familiar with aerators? You use them everyday and probably never think twice about it. An

aerator is the water controller that is attached to any faucet in your home. See image ==> This is something you use quite often right? Well doesn't it make sense to make it better. When have you heard of someone saying I do want to improve or get better? NEVER! Well an aerator can do a couple of things for you

  • change the flow of your water
  • save you water 
  • add more pressure to your water flow
  • save you money 
  • add style/ class to any faucet 
  • less running water noise 
  • reduce splashing 
  • remove dirt and debris from your water 

Water Saving Toilets 

We all use one, and most use it more than 3 times a day. Again - we are looking to improve things you already use! Our next suggestion is toilets. These changes aren't drastic things we're asking you to do. There's helping you with things you already use. None the less, a toilet can use gallons on top of gallons of water in one flush. Having a toilet that saves water or where you can choose the amount of water to use is the now the wave of new technology. The technology of a toilet has immensely improved in the last ten years. The possibilities are practically endless - toilets that have slow closing seats, toilets that use 0.6 gallons of water per flush, toilets that clean themselves of debris, and even toilets that sit higher for comfort! This is probably one of the biggest helps for people to sit higher and more comfortable especially for ease on the knees.
  • Improve the appearance of your bathroom 
  • Add Style, Color, Elegance to the bathroom so it's not a place you don't enjoy
  • Prevents water leaks that are not easily detected which save water and money
  • Older toilets so not use water efficiently 
  • Components on the toilet may be out of date and if they break they are not replaceable 
  • If you replace the floor, replace the toilet 
  • Ease of use for elderly 
  • Teach kids to save water and flushing properly 

When you know nothing about this products, it's easy to pass it over. Once you know how great these additions to your kitchen or bathroom can be, you will not want to give it up. A Tapmaster is a hands free faucet activator. You may think it's not that important until your cooking and have dirty hands. Would you want to get your faucet knob dirty with raw meat on your hands? NO! You need a third hand and that's exactly what Tapmasters are for. You can impress your company or impress yourself with the usability of these foot, door, or knee activated Tapmasters. Watch the video below and it'll all make sense

Hopefully we have provided you with enough information and we look forward to hearing from you about our products. If you have any question feel free to reach out to us via info@conservastore.co or go over to our website to look around www.conservastore.com

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