Aug 14, 2017

How Do Women Go Green - How Do Women Save Water?

Women Going Green and Water Saving

Are you the head of the household? (like most women are *wink wink*) You should know first hand that things don't go right if you do not clean, wash the dishes, pack lunches, get the kids off to school, iron clothes, cook, get yourself ready for your work day and on top of everything else eat healthy, go to yoga, and maintain a job- things would never get done in a timely manner. Now we are not against a man doing all the above but to some extent we should all be feminist. Recognize that women are an important if not the most important backbone of a home. Women usually take on most of the home duties and kid duties AND want equal pay, that's not so hard we think.

Image result for superwomanWe started our research simple- women are doing all of these things, (superwomen we want to call them) but are them implementing saving water, reducing electricity use, conserving water, and all of the above. More importantly are these women teaching the kids to do it as well. Also taking a step back, do women know how and why to go green and conserve?

Being an eco friendly business we want to provide you with the best information to be able to us and share that information. Always feel free to forward our information to friends and family or comment. We thought this subject deserve coverage and a mini series so this will be one of many to come. Here are some of the important info we found and waned to share.

The following items do require some installation know how so you may need to hire a handyman or a friend who has tools and enjoys putting things together


"Tapmaster® offers a distinctive patented technology that uses the existing water pressure in your water lines to activate your faucet. The result is a reliable and convenient method of turning water on and off that is easy to install and ecologically friendly to operate. Tapmaster® uses unique knee and foot operated activators to suit every need and application.
Without need for electronics, sensors or batteries Tapmaster® products can provide an unequaled level of reliability and ease of installation when compared to sensor and touch based hands free faucet solutions. Tapmaster® faucet controllers have no moving parts contributing to our excellent reputation for quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness." 
Something to make your life simpler is here. With a Tapmaster that can be hand or foot activated while being a woman of many talents you have another hand- We all need a hand sometimes and these provide that for you!
The normal 1.0 GPM Water Saving Dual Thread PCA Faucet Aerator was developed to save water and money in your home. These type of low flow faucet aerator can save up to 55% of the energy wasted using a traditional 2.2 GPM aerator. The item can be used as a replacement for both bathroom faucet aerators and kitchen faucet aerators, making it a staple low flow fixture for your faucets at home. Making a small change as such can significantly increase your saving of water and money.
Image result for faucet aeratorsWith its chrome finish and pressure composition make up, this aerator is durable and stylish to accompany any bathroom or kitchen renovation. Most people will not even notice this is a separate piece that not every faucet has but you will know and recognize the savings when they start pouring in.This aerator can usually be bought as a single fixture or as a six pack. See them here
Things like this and many more small changes can make a big impact in your home. Keeping this in mind we want to spread the knowledge about being eco-friendly in the home. We strive to help. If you need anything or have any questions feel free to reach out to us. 

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