Aug 7, 2017

Is Your Family Eco-Healthy?

How Healthy is Your Family in being Eco Friendly?

From cooking to cleaning up after the kids - being a family man or woman of the house can be challenging. Maintaining the household comes with numerous responsibilities and duties that are sometimes unforeseen. With us all thriving and surviving to be better, we may drop the ball when it comes to ways of conserving. Conserving energy, water, recycling and re-purposing is sometimes a hobby and not a priority. When we realized that women have the biggest impact in this situation in the household we wanted to do a series of Green Blog- How Do Women Go Green? It's a question we can all ask ourselves. With little work but much practice, women going green and staying green for the family is important! Trust us, it will fall in line as the generations continue down the line that the family and each individual is eco-friendly to not caring at all.

Image result for family talkingMost of our parents instilled good behavior, manners, and money conscious ideas into us that we still use in our daily lives, but how many our our parents taught us about recycling? Granted, we are not saying that a bad parent doesn't teach their children about recycling, we're saying its uncommon because trash is trash is trash. With the Earth getting older and older making resources to be less and less available, we have to learn how to maximize what we use. With the family all around how can you sneak and teach good habits - we've complied a couple of everyday tricks that can help you do just that.

1. Be straight forward and have the conversation. Women know how to "smoouge" good ideas on anyone and make them think its a great idea, what do you call that? Intuition maybe, either way bring forth ideas like putting a recycling bin next to the trash can so when throwing trash away your faily will think - is it really trash or can I recycle this? Kids love DIY projects so have the kids decorate the recycling bin and teach them head on what it means to conserve and recycle.

Image result for family cooking2. You can also cut down on your consumption while you're cooking - making things from scratch or buying groceries with less packaging or grocery bags is a good way to start. Recyclable bags that you carry to the grocery store is now a thing. Teach or direct the kids to fix their own snacks instead of buying individually wrapped items. That way they can mix and match what they want versus what they do not want. We all have the picky child in the family that doesn't like this or that. This way they can be as picky as they want and be satisfied with their decisions. It can turn into a daily routine for the next day (and less work for the parent!)

3. Watering the grass at the right time and leaving the air conditioner on a setting without changing throughout the day. We all know some peak hours of the day- i.e noon until 4pm when everyone is watering their grass, well that's not so conserv-ish. The best time to water your lawn and get the most out of it is late afternoon into the night. It would be best to set the sprinklers on a timer to cut on and off so it doesn't slip your mind and stay on too long. While you are sitting watching the sprinklers be sure to set the air condition on a temperature that is normally comfortable. We suggest a good 70-74 degrees for more people is a good comfortable temperature. Set it and leave it. Your air conditioner will do the rest and make you happy when you see your bill decreasing.

Image result for family composting4. Compost pile. Let me repeat- compost pile. I know I know- it'll stink and cause huge problems with stray animals-right? WRONG! A properly sealed compost pile even when opened to deposit waste actually does not carry the stinky smell as you would think. It helps the environment, cuts down on waste and can be used to plant healthy vegetables. Most people hate the idea but once a couple of months go by and you realize how much ease it is to have it you'll turn into a lover of them. The rich soil can then be used to grow vegetables and cut down on that cost from the grocery store.

This is just a list of normal and small everyday things you can do but there's numerous ideas out there that can get your family on the right track of saving. Check out some of the stories below for more ideas

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