Sep 10, 2017

Going Green: Women vs Men

Is going Green as a WOMAN any different from a MAN?

"Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you. No you can't, yes I can, no you can't, yes I can, NO YOU CAN'T- YES I CAN!!" - Thinking of this comparison made me think of that song and I am sure we all know the words too well. How many times do we silently sing that in our head when someone; especially a man; says "you can't"... well we are here to evaluate just that. Does going GREEN change from women to men? You have to wonder why we are even challenging the idea- well it comes down to a couple of things we've came across and the stats on women going green versus men are very different. As an additional part of our Women & Going Green Initiative we wanted to evaluate this topic and especially get your spin on it...

In our travels thru the internet - we came across a TedTalk conference with speaker Shawna Coronado. She is pretty impressive to say the least but in her presentation she talks about hw she had osteoporosis and allergies from hell that kept her sick, tired, and bothered so she thought to give green living a try. After taking over a dozen prescriptions a day, her turning to Earth's natural remedy she says "was the best decision" she ever made. Astonished by what a difference it made in her life and wanting to spread the word brought problems - with anything that's great we know there's some type of trouble. Her first move was starting a garden. A colorful and bountiful garden on the small patch of curb near the street in front of her neighborhood home, she thought, was great. Little did she know the neighborhood would love it too! The community responded with hugs, love, cards, and many more. The city responded with a fine. The city said she was on public not private property and a garden was getting in the way of normal practices. Of course any of us thinking we've doing good and to be told you're doing wrong is pure disappointment. She didn't take no for an answer and dug deeper.

Sadly the answers she found were not the ones she was expecting - Asthma being a 56 billion dollar industry in America - creating an alternative to stop the 56 billion dollar train was an issue. She had to find a way to grow, change, and influence others to do it more and combat the money corporations make off of sick people. She turned inward and turned her entire front and backyard (of private property) into a garden. Over the years - she started a culinary Youtube channel and blogs about how to cook from your own garden. She now has over 100 lbs of food she shares and donates to shelters and neighbors. Bringing the presentation to a close- she believes it starts local. Building your local economy can help everyone. It's all about economic growth in the community. Sometimes all it takes is starting small and it can turn into something huge. Watch her presentation to the right.

Going Green Needs Man Power...

In a sense of people power more so. Gardening can be a lot to keep up with especially with the working and multitasking women and men of today's world. Women and Men can both do it independently but working together we can accomplish so much more. So much can be done when working as partners or even as a group of the contributing community. Things can be changed and more things can be done. Try so of these easy gardening tips to start your community garden today!

Image result for manly manDon't think going green is just for girls! Even though studies show that there are more eco-friendly women than men; doesn't mean men cannot do it. If you think about it men could actually be the biggest contributors to being green but they choose not to be. It's the women who go behind their men and recycle and make use of all the non-recycling or reusing they ignore. A recent study, "Is Eco-Friendly Unmanly? The Green-Feminine Stereotype and Its Effect on Sustainable Consumption," provides evidence that shoppers who engage in green behaviors are stereotyped by others as more feminine and also see themselves as more feminine. In a series of seven studies, Wilkie and his co-authors manipulated small details about the products, attempting to change men's attitudes and behaviors. They found that men are more open to purchasing environmental products if their masculinity gets a branding boost." With this in mind - men want to be more eco conscious but it may look less manly to others. We're here to tell the MEN and those seeing other MEN going green - WE SHOULD ALL BE GREEN! We all us the same natural resources on the planet, drink water, conserve or save the same. It's not manly or unmanly to do what's right for the Earth. EVERYONE should do it. Period.

Overall we do not feel it is any different for a man to go green versus a woman, it's more about engagement. Things like this do take time and more and more of us need to band together to get it done but we need to also be aware that things like this take time. Mining a garden can be time consuming and when everyone pitches in a little time more things can be monitored and accomplished. In the long run - building a garden and becoming more self sustained of your food and vegetables and end up doing a lot more help than harm. We want to encourage you to do this as many people we encounter have. The most important thing is to take it step by step. Keep you eyes on the ending prize and stay the course.

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