Oct 22, 2017

CFL vs LED Light Bulbs - Which is Better?

There's a lot to Know about a BULB

When is comes to light bulbs let me be the first to tell you: I didn't know what was the difference and what it all means. It seemed liked a whole bunch of terms and words I knew nothing about. It was until I became involved with Conserv A Store that I begun to pay more attention and all the words meant more sense. In this blog we will go into depth about the differences and things as a normal consumer you should at least be familiar with in order to make an informed decision. After reading this you should be able to decipher between LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, What is wattage, Hours, and more...

So lets start with an example and break down the picture: This is a Conserv A Store item sold online at: https://www.conservastore.com/LED-Medium-Base-PAR16-Light-Bulb-25-000-Hours-p/03-0014.htm

First LED, What does that mean? 
An LED Light bulbs basically means a light emitting diode that emits light versus heat. These bulbs will be slightly warm to the touch at most versus other regular light bulbs that are hot to the touch. These type of bulbs are more eco-friendly than other bulbs.

Whether its 60 or 50 watts - the relationship between energy and power is relative to the higher the power(wattage) of the bulb, the more energy is consumes. You can also say that the wattage of the light is the amount of energy it takes to produce a certain amount of light.

Medium vs Candelabra base
The silver part that wraps around the bulb that you would screw into the fixture is considered the base. The medium base is what we are most accustomed to and pictured above. The candelabra base is a smaller in circumference base that would fit into a chandelier for many bulbs. One is not better than the other - It's more about preference and choice.when looking at bases choices.

Most light bulbs actually do last as long as they say they will. These bulbs aren't easily broken like the bulbs we are generally thinking of when imaging bulbs not working that long. More so it means that the light bulb will not be as bright as it once was when you first purchased it after that amount of time has passed. Some times they do fail but if you purchase from the right supplier you can easily return and get a replacement for free.

PAR vs M or any other lettering
This lettering solely refers to the size of the bulb. Bulbs can be very specific or very general when trying to fit a certain fixture you may have to get a specific numbered bulb like PAR16 that will specifically fit that fixture or sometimes with outside lights you need a more heavy duty light bulb that will not deteriorate in the weather. These lettering refers to the type and size to more extents.

LED Bulbs vs CFLs
Watch this short video to get a quick idea of what the difference in the two bulbs are :

The more you know the more you can decipher between what helps your home and what will not. We try to bring you the best ideas and information we can provide. Should you find some information that would be beneficial to us, feel free to send it over. Hope this helped. Comment and share!

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