Oct 15, 2017

Cut down AC Usage & Save $$

Programming your Thermostat can be the savior of your Wallet!

With all the heat and electric bills on the rise, we know this is a topic of interest. How to save money on things you need or more so do not want to go without. Electricity, especially pertaining to air conditioning and heat can be a necessity in heat waves and snow storms so how can you save on it when you use it so much? Well we did a little digging and investigating and came up with some great tips and tricks to at least level or slightly decrease your bills.

 When we tell people this, they believe it's a myth or something, but honestly setting your temperature on a set setting that is comfortable for most or all people in the home can be so helpful to leveling out your bill that you do not see unexpected spikes in prices. If you have cold-natured people in the home keep throw blankets so they can be comfortable in the home as well. For hot-natured people make sure you have a stand alone fan for them that can spin or not spin to maintain their comfort. But to keep the bill low you have to keep the air conditioning where it's at. The changes can drastically cause a higher than normal bill if constant changes happen on a daily basis. So set it and leave it. Adjust yourself to it not the other way around

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Programmable thermostats are now everywhere on the market because they have proven to be helpful in stabilizing the bill and are effortless. Once you learn the times your home is usually colder/hotter you can adjust the thermostat to become accustomed to that temperature. Thermostats such as the one to the left are not pricey if you do not currently have one. They are less than $30 and most of the time the home only has one. This is a one time price as well. Once you invest in one as the one to the left you will not have to replace it for many years. A well known name such as Honeywell you know you're getting quality and maximizing your use for many years to come.

Though you may not think your vents being entirely clean can prevent air flow, it can. The slightest air flow prevention can cause your system to always be in a state of over-working. Air vents that are clogged up will also look as though nothing is wrong. The clogging will be in places you cannot easily spot. It's best to get a professional to test the cleanliness of your vents in order to get a guarantee answer and not have any questions. Also be aware that non well ventilated vents can still be working and blowing air but not properly ventilated.

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This is the common one for most people. A well insulated home can help the electric bill significantly. To make sure your home is insulated you need to most likely hire a professional because insulation is usually in the home in unseen places. Especially the attic and windows. Most newer model homes are becoming properly insulated form being built but older home 2012 and past may have insulation issues. Double check with your home owner or call a professional out to your home to check your status. Small things you can do at the doorway are install a door sweep such as the one pictured or install foam around the door frame or frames that open and close to ensure there's no energy loss.

Have you dried your clothes outside before? It's not such a thing of the past when things like laundry dryers and saving money can help you save time and energy Laundry dryers such as this one can be very useful in reducing your energy footprint and lowering your bills. The quickest way to get simple ideas is live your life like the "olden days" when thinking of ideas. When they didn't have electricity and modern technology. Drying your clothes outside you can incorporate the children and being more active. The benefits can be good for you, your family, and your pockets!

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