Nov 13, 2017

Green Technology and Drones

Could Drones Save the Planet?
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Maybe you're not too familiar with drones or you've already have a negative connotation with them, but we want to encourage the good part of technology and drones. Let's jump right in: a drone; formerly called a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle); is essentially a flying computer that can be remotely controlled and work in conjunction with sensors and GPSs in order to navigate and execute a given order. With this in mind you would naturally recall or think of these mini flying aircraft associated with military or big businesses but they have broken into mainstream as toys and recreational toys for the normal person. Drone, as smart as they are, can now be even smarter; well people who build them are finding their uses are becoming more and more intricate for different purposes. We recently came across drone technology being used for replanting trees in deforested areas. We started to look into this idea of drones doing eco-friendly work in the world and found some interesting ideas. Let us know what you think about these and if you know of a few send them over to us at We'd love to hear from you!

Where Did Drones Come From?

"The first generally used drone was a full size retooling of the de Havilland DH82B "Queen Bee" biplane, which was fitted out with a radio and servo-operated controls in the back seat. The plane could be conventionally piloted from the front seat, but, generally, the plane flew unmanned and was shot at by artillery gunners in training. The term "drone" dates to this initial use, a play on the "Queen Bee" nomenclature." The male bee in a colony of social bees whom does no work but can still fertilize a queen bee or other "female" bee is referred to a drone. A drone can also be referred to as a low humming noise like a buzz or murmur. All things and qualities of an mechanical drone which is why the word "drone" fit so perfectly.

Drones can be used for an array of different things; hobbyist love them for personal use, photography, film companies, construction, utilities, surveillance, journalism, telecom businesses, public safety companies, and eCommerce and business deliveries. Drones can even explore the unknown or unsafe places a human can not go so a human's life is not in danger. Drones, as you can imagine, have numerous uses and can plenty of things so for a company to join drone technology and saving the planet, our ears peaked and we think yours should too!

What Can a Drone Do? 

The company DroneSeed, based out of Seattle Washington, is trying to make a big impact in a dying section of the world. Deforestation is a growing and big issue for lumber companies who come to reap the land but not replace it. DroneSeed looks to fill in that gap and much more. They are "pretty focused on serving [their] forestry customers and other vertical crops such as vineyards, fruit, and nut orchards and post wildfire work with spraying services, but if you've got an awesome" different ideas they are all ears. They even joke about selling you one of their drones, but you have to come with 100,000 in cash and small bills because they are more in the business of helping and not so much selling. I think the best thing about them, they are FAA approved and currently the only company approved to use drones for agriculture. Their drones can fly for 15-20 minutes carrying 4 gallons; 15 drones all carrying 4 gallons a piece for 15-20 minutes can cover a lot of area and is a very effective way to disperse what's needed. Numerous media outlet have covered this company and for some reason it has not went worldwide like I think it should so we decided to cover this amazing company to get more of an exposure.

More Drone-World Saving Activities?

Drones also help with solar farms. The drones do the inspections of a large scale solar energy projects that are running all around the world. Drones have mapping capabilities that are helping solar companies plan and build better and bigger solar farms. As much as solar energy should be off the ground, drones are helping them get even more exposure. Drones can also map industrial emissions. The tracking of invisible emission from factories can help reduce the pollutants in the air and protect people from being exposed to harmful chemicals. We've seen this is history when big factories will dump harmful waste in neighborhood and areas where people are living their life; but are getting terrible diseases from the exposure. Drones can monitor the output from a safe area in real time and report back without even being in harms way. This can in return postpone the harmful effects of global warming. This helps government keep an eye on big factories and help factories stop furthering the damage to the environment.
One of the most interesting use of drones I've found to be to stop poachers in Africa. Beautiful animals like elephants and rhino are endangered animals due to poachers killing them off for their tusk and/or other things to make a profit off of their death. A company called Air Shepherd monitors the wildlife that roam freely to make sure no poachers are following or attacking them. They said thus far they have deterred numerous attacks and saved a lot of elephants that were in danger of extinction. Watch the video here: Air Shepherd

We think it's amazing that drones could do something to save the planet from deforestation and plant trees. Drones can do more than we can do in an hour- this is what technology is all about. We would love to hear more about tech businesses that can help the planet. Are you a part of one? Do you have an idea or a kickstarter you think is worthy of praise? Feel free to reach out to us via info@conservastore.con or comment below and we will help you spread the word!

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