Feb 8, 2018

The Tapmaster- A product you should know

The Tapmaster: Helping out Tattoo Artist, Veterinarians, Dentist, Orthopedics, and even Mechanics!

The world can be just a touch cleaner and less germy with a Tapmaster. In short, Tapmaster can reduce the transfer of germs from hands of doctors to patients as well as prevent contamination between tool changes and so forth. If you've never heard of a Tapmaster, then here's everything you need to know.  

What is a Tapmaster? 

Tapmaster is a hands free faucet controller that uses the existing water pressure already present in a facuet of your water lines to activate your hands free faucet. Using the water pressure present already in your home or business makes this Tapmaster reliable and convenient to turn on and off your water without using your hands. Its easy to install, ecologically friendly to operate, and is less stressful to access water when you need it and your hands are full. Tapmaster offers unique knee and foot operated activators on the door of the cabinet below or a foot pedal for easy access. Tapmaster also does not use electronics, sensors, or batteries so reliable and dependable are things you will not have to stress about. The Tapmaster company has a long line of efficiency and reputation that is impeccable to the rest. They are in the modern age of save energy, less technology, simplicity, and effectiveness for use of years to come.

Why Use Touch Free Faucet Technology?

A water line in the home or business main purpose is for cleanliness. Whether washing your hands, your dishes, or germs away while dealing with a patient or client, your sink should remain sterile and easy to use when you need it. Without the Touch Free Faucet technology from Tapmaster you have to touch the facuet, take your gloves off or change your gloves, get germs and dirt on the handle to turn it on; even maybe contaiminating more space around the sink for germs to grow and multiply. Then after washing your hands now you have to touch a dirty faucet with cleans hands to turn it off, 1750 Tapmaster was created. "Hands free faucet technology eliminates this source of bacteria transfer by allowing the user to easily turn the faucet on and off by using a foot operated faucet. No hand contact on the water source means the washed hands remain clean and your sink remains sterile. And that is the number one goal of a doctor.... keep the patient sterile, the work area sterile, and germs can be effectively attacked.
coming in contact with the same dirt or bacteria you just tried to clean off. Now does that at all sound efficicent? We think not, that why the

Convenience is Key...

From the beginning we were always taught to turn the water on when we needed to wash our hands to activate the faucet by touching it so to be introduced to a different method may seem unusual at first when in actuality, it's not.With the Tapmaster touch-less technology, you can activate you faucet with you foot or knee. It's quick, easy, and convenient. Never again will you have to get dirt and germs and then go back after you clean your hands to clean up the dirt and germs you started with. Neither will you have to awkwardly shut off your faucet with your forearm, forehead, or anything else. Many people who own a Tapmaster, rave about how much it makes their life easier. You will not want to go back to not have a Tapmaster and will find yourself trying to foot activate other sinks that do not have Tapmasters installed. You will surely be glad once you have one in your business or home.

Yes it Saves Water Too! 

Not only does it save you time and headaches and germs; the Tapmaster also save you money and water. Installing a Tapmaster in your home or business reduces water usage by making it easy to use your faucet in short burst. Though it may not be alot of water in one or two uses. The running water from the time you take your hands from under the pour to turn off the water, water is wasted. But now with a Tapmaster you turn it off as soon as your hands are clean saving water as well as saving water on often usage. Just know water waste will be reduced all while not restricting your water. To achieve water savings, it's all in the usage, not changing the way you use or receive the water from your faucet.

Can it help me?

Yes, Are you in the medical field, are you in the tattoo artist field, are you in a restaurant business, are you in the construction business, are you a mechanic, dentist, vet, just want it in your home to be more eco friendly and with the new age technology? The list goes on and on who and how it can help. Never count it out because once you use it, you will want it in the home or vice versa; maybe even both. Either way- the Tapmaster can help you. Anyone that washes their hands can see that!

Our Competitor Vs Conserv A Store - Who's better?

Chicago Faucet provide touchless faucets as well. They have a great product but we will break down
the specifics when it comes to us vs them. The faucets they sell are electronic faucets. Ours are not. They have a infrared sensor. Ours does not. Their faucets run from $750-880, our Tapmaster hands free faucets run $278-489. Both products are stainless steel as well as comes with a chrome finish, both are durable and sustainable for high usage in dental offices, medical offices, and so forth. Though both sellers provide hands free faucet it also depends on the usage you need the faucet for. Depending on the your choice, we would be glad to help you with your hands free faucet needs. Contact us anytime at 407-898-2284 or info@conservastore.com

We hope this info helps and makes you a more eco-friendly person in this world. Every simple step can make a big change. We always try to bring the most updated and helpful information in our blog so should you have something you want us to see, please feel free to send it to us and we'll look it over. We appreciate you being a Earth friendly reader! Visit us anytime at www.conservastore.com!

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  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Actually, Chicago Faucets makes foot pedal and knee valves that are much more comparable to the Tapmaster than their electronic faucets, both in terms of function and cost. That would be a more sensible comparison.