Apr 17, 2018

LEED - The Latest and the Greatest

The Latest and Greatest

The LEED Version 4.1 Release 2017

Conserv A Store is introducing a new and informal way to keep you connected with the information we feel is important to discuss with people that are interested in green things universal. With the new announcement of the new LEED version 4.1 being released, there's some hype and concerns surrounding the new version. With the Greenbuild 2017 behind us, we want to know how the 2018 Year is Green is going to progress. Here's the facts and what we know moving forward...

"LEED, which stands for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification program focused primarily on new, commercial-building projects and based upon a points systems. The more points you earn, the higher your rating." Reference here 

The United States Green Build Council (USGBC) evaluates a buildings "performance" and encourage a more sustainable ground up build for new and improving technological advances. The LEED provides the standard for buildings that are created healthy, highly efficient, and cost saving. This is the standard that a building wants to meet and the standard most to all are striving for.

What can a LEED building provide than any other regular building? Well there's a lot of positives that are beyond the face value. LEED buildings are in 165 countries and territories. These buildings also save energy, water, generate less waste, and most importantly, support human health. These LEED buildings also attract tenants, cost less to operate, and boost employee productivity as well as retention. Building a smart grid from ground up creates greater rewards for years to come, provide a clearer picture by providing the bigger picture of the water usage for the entire building over time, and approaches the overall goal of consuming less energy overall.
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Since 2012, LEED has been growing and changing as well as influencing others what should be the ideal situation for energy usage and growth. The market is growing and the demand is increasing- which is a good thing and even more than good a environmental powerful necessary. More and more companies are coming to their senses and beginning the touch journey of changing to renewable energy. As of November 2016, projects now have to register under the v4 project for new construction of buildings in the U.S. The existing projects are the foundation of the future projects but has some adapting to do as well. While all changes are not in full swing yet, the key factors have been introduced and implemented. Key factors such as updating the performance requirements and being qualified as a LEED project. Only 41% usually meet the standard set forth.

LEED is important and needs to be something that every business should at least consider in their makings of a new building or renovating an old one. New technology and changes come out every day and can be the light in the dark that someone needs to make a lot of our lives better. We all look forward to the new technology to come in the years making.

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