Apr 9, 2018

We're Here! New and Improved- you should love it!

Yes, we've been working on it for a while and Yes, it's finally up! Our New Website!

With our new site up we wanted to give everyone a chance to see the new and improved things we've done in order to make ourselves better and provide you with better information. We revamped our site in an effort to stay new on the latest, better help our customers, and it also gives us a fresh start. Every once in a while you have to throw the old out the book and in with the new. We think that's exactly what we did and want you to check it out www.conservastore.com  Let's take a walk down memory lane...

If you remember, our old site was very white and simplistic. We had some similar categories and things were a little spread out over the homepage. We think changing to vivid colors makes a bold statement that we are green, we've been green, and we're going to continue to be green! Green living is the motto we follow and by changing and making a bold green statement we think we're clearly portraying to you, our loyal customers and new customers, that it's important to you and more so, it's important to us!

If you continue to scroll down the page you'll see a couple of others thing such as a Shop by Room new categories. We think this is something most home improvement places provide and also think it's a great idea to provide on our website as we are consumers too who think of appliances and revamping by room. The bathroom or kitchen needs a revamp? You can easily go to that category and pick out the things you want to revamp. Not sure what you want to change and need some idea, well scroll through and see the descriptions of things such as a low flow toilet or hands free faucet. These just some of the things listed in this category can give you an idea of what to get and help guide you to the things you may need and not thought about yet.

We won't give you all the spoilers, we want you to go visit the site and see what you think in person. We want to help our customers and provide them with the best information possible and will also be more help based. Not sure which aerator to buy- 1.5 or 0.5? Just shoot us an email. Not aware of the difference in a low flow toilet and a dual flush toilet? Give us a call. Looking for something to reduce
Niagara Aerator from Conservastore.com
your electric bill? Search our database for informational readings and forums that can answer that. In the long run, us being more helpful and being more accessible to our customers we are proud to save we give a personalized service you cannot find in retail stores or with other online stores!

The changes we've made to the website will help you as the customer navigate through the website as well as get straight to the buying the items you are interested in. We are also looking for a focus group for feedback concerning the changes we made. You will be rewarded with a special gift for your participation too. Just send us an email at info@conservastore.com telling us why you would be interested in participating in our focus group. We welcome the opinions of all, all background, any age, and education. We welcome all! We think that's how we'll get the best answers. Our site is also an attempt to educate everyone on green matters. There's plenty of ways we want to encourage the initiative to be green in your daily life. From changing your faucets in your home to recycling, every little bit counts. And on our new website to want to reach every demographic and every age and provide knowledge to make sure positive changes in their life happen sooner than later. It doesn't take a million dollars to change, recycle, or save the planet. It can be done little by little and become a way of life. We want our customers to come to us and find the green solutions for their life.

We are always welcoming your comments, feel free to reach out anytime.

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